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Submit DSA Schedule Change Requests by August 12
DSA Schedule Change Request  Form, Submit request by August 12, 2022
If you need to change you schedule, click HERE
In the Fall/Spring of 2021-2022 DeKalb School of the Arts allowed students to select courses for the 2022-2023 school year. Students’ first opportunity was presented during Advisement. Students were later offered a second opportunity to drop/add courses when they received a copy of their Course Verification Form. Students who submitted a Course Verification Form to the Counseling Office during that period, were placed in the courses selected during group advisement and/or from their revised course selection and verification form. Students are placed in the courses selected during the advisement process and/or in their updated course verification form. Students were reminded of the following:

· Schedule changes require signatures and a detailed reason for the change.

· Deadline for turning in a schedule change must be adhered to.

· Schedule changes are subject to course availability.

· Some changes may require shifting of other classes and may result in conflicts with other classes.

· Final approval for schedule changes will be granted by Ms. Staples.

· Students must follow schedules until notified by Ms. Staples & Ms. Richardson, School Counselors. Students who fail to follow this process may be counted as absent.

Schedule changes may also be limited to the following conditions:

? DUAL Enrollment (Students must submit a copy of their college schedule to the Counseling Office before any changes will be made to their DSA schedule.)
? Summer School credits (If you completed a summer school course outside of DeKalb or Georgia Virtual School you must submit a copy of the course transcript to the counseling office before any changes can be made to your DSA schedule.)
? Missing periods
? Duplicate courses
? Transfers from another school district
? Balancing classes


In accordance with federal requirements (FTE), students WILL NOT be added to courses that are at capacity. Do not be alarmed if schedule is changed as a result of balancing. Even though the teacher may have changed, the title of the course has not. Our goal is to make sure students stay on track for graduation. Submitting a schedule change form is a request. Schedule change forms do not guarantee courses requested. Also, be aware that changes to your schedule, could cause other courses to be changed in the process.
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